Small Caps. Big Ideas.


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Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel for more than 30 years has demonstrated a unique ability to find and capitalize on the undervalued, misunderstood, and undiscovered gems of the small cap value universe of stocks.

What sets Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel apart?

  • A highly experienced and thoughtful investment team with a long history of generating consistent, long-term results.
  • A time-tested, disciplined investment process.
  • A singular focus on results for a limited roster of institutional clients.

We add value for our clients by:

  • Our singular focus on small cap investing and a distinguished 32-year track record.
  • Generating positive returns in 30 of the past 32 years.
  • A disciplined and time-tested investment philosophy.
  • An investment process with verified results in all markets.
  • Identifying special situations, under-researched or mis-categorized companies.
  • Screening for positive environmental, social, governance factors (ESG).

Since 1985, Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel’s small cap value portfolio has delivered consistent, long-term returns for our clients.

Focus. Dedication. Performance. These are the principles by which Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel lives.

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Firm Profile

Year Founded:
   1985 (Neumeier Investment Counsel LLC)
   Carmel, California
Investment Style:
   Small cap value, long-only
   100% employee-owned
Management Tenure:
   Peter Neumeier –32 years
   Brian Poma – 17 years
Firm Assets:
   1.1 Billion (as of December 31, 2017)